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Board Meeting Minutes

SPA Board of Directors meeting minutes – September 13, 2017

 Meeting called to order 9/13/17 at 7:00 p.m. via Skype. 

 Directors present included


 (Oregon John) John Runkle
(English John) John Dukes
(Red Molly) Michelle Hamilton
(Farmer Fred) Fred Dickson
(Timbo) Tim Hynes
Bonneau Dickson
Gary Kremen “perspective” board member upon a vote by the majority

7:00 p.m. the meeting was called to order by John Runkle.
1.  John Runkle called for a vote to elect Gary Kremen to replace John Dukes.  John Dukes has the position as the Vice President and Treasurer for the SPA Board and has elected to resign from the SPA Board, but remain available as a consultant, should the Board need his help.  The Board held a vote and all members present voted for Gary Kremen.    

2.  John Dukes outlined issues necessary for the transition of the SPA account to Gary Kremen.  It was decided that Gary Kremen would open a separate SPA checking account and PayPal account and Gary Kremen and John Runkle would have signing authority.  Major Tom would need to be contacted to establish a link between the PayPal account and the website to continue to accept donations.  Gary Kremen said he would open the account with Bank of America, and would need the names of the Board Members, SPA bi-laws, and the SPA registration as a 5013c nonprofit in Nevada.  There was discussion about North Swanson the founder of the 5013C nonprofit, who passed away December 24, 2016.  Michelle Hamilton who resides in Nevada would contact the Secretary of State and see that there would be no interruption in that status and shift it to her residence if necessary.  John Dukes said he would e-mail Gary Kremen a list of what he needed to make the transition.  John Runkle voted for the new bank account and Gary Kremen agreed to accomplish this. Gary Kremen said he wanted to donate $1,000 to SPA once PayPal was set up to make sure it worked.  The SPA Board members appreciated his very generous donation.


3.  Fred Dickson wanted the SPA Board to meet over the 2018 President’s Day weekend.  The members present said they would be there and agreed to a meeting.  Fred made a motion that the SPA Board consider organizing a volunteer group to work on general maintenance of the Sunrise Tub the week following President’s Day and that SPA pay for the necessary materials for this project.  The SPA Board voted to do this.  John Runkle said he would reach out to Bob Renton one of the members that worked on the general maintenance of the Wizard tub.


4.  The Board discussed the need for signage and any word from the Park Service.  Timbo read his correspondence with Johnathon Penman-Brotzman, Death Valley Park Service and the conveyance the Park Service is not ready to present their management plan. 


4.  Michelle Hamilton wanted to e-mail a newsletter announcing the election of Gary Kremen to the Board and the work that SPA was doing to maintain the hot springs.   She wanted to send a SPA approved newsletter once the new accounts were in place.  The SPA Board agreed she should do this.


8:00 p.m. John Runkle made a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Timbo Hynes.


*Bonneau Dickson, was present at the meeting, however his speaker would not work.  He sent an e-mail to the SPA Board to that effect and stated that he agreed to all that was discussed during the meeting. 



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